0.06 ETH per mint.

Meet the Unruggables

The Unruggables is the first NFT collection made by the $WGMI (ERC-20) community.

The collection consists of 888 unique Unruggable phoenixes, which represent how we, as a community, rose from the ashes after the token was initially rugged by its creator.

All royalties from secondary sales of NFTs in this collection will be directed towards supplying liquidity for the $WGMI token, via purchasing ETH/WGMI LP tokens and locking that liquidity away forever by burning those LP tokens.


The number 888 is sacred to the $WGMI community. This collection was conceived and created when the community takeover was still very young, so the creator and community decided to use this special number and keep supply low.

Providing permanently locked-in liquidity will enable the community-lead $WGMI movement to remain alive and healthy into the future.


All proceeds from initial sales and royalties from secondary sales will be use to supply liquidity to the uniswap $WGMI-ETH trading pair. Uniswap gives the liquidity provider trading pair liquidity tokens, which can be used later by the provider to redeem the deposited liquidity. A multi-signature wallet controlled by $WGMI community leaders purchases $WGMI tokens, provides liquidity on Uniswap and burns the liquidity tokens so that the liquidity share is unretrievable forever.

As this share of the liquidity pool collects fees, a growing portion of the supply of $WGMI tokens will be locked into this unretrievable pool, making $WGMI effectively deflationary.


If the $WGMI community decides to use royalties from secondary sales for another purpose, we will use snapshot voting with the $WGMI token as our governance token. Voting power is determined by how much $WGMI you hold.


Each mint costs .06 eth.

The creators and not-devs behind this project will mint and set approximately 30 tokens aside as rewards for those who contributed to this project, and as gifts for notable GMIs that have helped us move the needle in this movement.